Conventional Media Relations

Acting as interpreters we translate your concerns into the language of the media. Our experts know the profession of journalism from their own experience - and they know the right media for every story.

Crisis Communication Litigation PR

In a crisis you need a friend who will act fast, is reliable and has the necessary experience. Unusual situations require creative solutions and commitment. No matter what, we will know what to do.

Social Media

We are your fixed star in the digital cosmos. Content and language are decisive factors. Our focus on semantics makes us stand out.

Real Time Media & Trend Analysis

Use our tools to find out what is being written or said about you. It definitely won't take hours. We can tell you immediately what needs to be done.

Brand & Product PR

Good products do not sell themselves. We know how to get people interested in your brand and products.

Web Content & Design

We will make sure that you are perceived as real in the virtual world.

Employer Branding

We can help you to fill your (future) employees with enthusiasm. You want the best and, most importantly, the right people for a job. Your image is your human capital.

CEO Positioning

You are "just" the boss? We can help you to become the best advertisement and ambassador for your company.

Media Trainings

Everyone can learn media skills. We can show you how to make journalists from print, radio, television and social media take you seriously.

Media Cooperations and Campaigns

We will choose the right media as your partners.

Internal Communication

Internal communication is more important than external communication – So that your employees don´t read about internal issues first on the web or on (social) media. We can help you make your employees become your messengers.

Corporate Publishing

On the web, in print media or in videos - we will always present you to your best advantage.


Whether there are three or three-thousand guests - an event is always more than free beer and delicious food.We plan, organise and implement your perfect event.

Corporate Identity

A clear design and language - to let everybody know who you are - and to make it impossible for your employees and customers to ever forget it.

Corporate Social Responsibility

You are fully aware of your social responsibility? So are we - because profit is not all that matters. We will develop appropriate programmes and also implement them in an efficient way.