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The right mix of old hands and young talents

We, the 'milestones', are a team of leading experts from all fields of communication. We combine longstanding experience with completely new approaches. We implement even the most outlandish ideas in a down-to-earth way. Our work is fast and target-oriented, our strengths lie in both theory and practice. Our clients know that we will always find the best solutions for their concerns.

  • Alexander

    Alexander Staudigl, Social Media

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 20
    +43 664 889 758 25
    alexander.staudigl (at) minc.at
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    Alexander Staudigl currently participates in the Bachelor's courses economics and political science at the university of vienna. He was the chairman of the diploma course „Global Advancement Programme“ of the academic forum for foreign affairs (AFA) and he also collaborate at the debating club of this institution. Before that, he finished his apprenticeship as a heating technician and worked for seven years in this work environment.

  • Alfred
    Ruhaltinger MBA

    Alfred Ruhaltinger MBA, Senior Advisor

    +43 1 890 04 29 – 0
    +43 699 13010230
    alfred.ruhaltinger (at) minc.at
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    Alfred Ruhaltinger started his career as executive partner at the PR-Agency CONTER PR. After working as CEO for the PR-Agency currycom GesmbH, he occupied the position of head of communication at the ÖBB Holding AG. After his time as a partner at the Accedo Austria agency, he was responsible for international relations and the refugee crisis in the cabinet of Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann.

  • Barbara

    Barbara Fritz, Senior Advisor

    +43 512 548854
    +43 650 5881712
    office (at) minc.at

    Barbara Fritz is a qualified kindergarten pedagogue and educator. She was head of the curative Kindergarten of Caritas, assistent for Ronald Mc Donald Kinderhilfe, worked for the Verein Jugendland and was the organizer of holiday weeks for children with disabilities in Innsbruck.

  • Dipl.Ing. Christof

    Dipl.Ing. Christof Kopfer, Senior Art Director

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 0
    christof.kopfer (at) minc.at
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    Whether it's art direction, graphic concepts, corporate-, print- or screen-design: The composition of beautiful (and functional) things has been my profession and vocation for more than 10 years.

  • Daniela

    Daniela Wimmer, Senior Advisor

    +43 1 890 04 29 0
    +43 664 38 09 345
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    After graduating from Werbeakademie Wien, Daniela Wimmer gained experience as a consultant for brand-name enterprises in the field of ​​target group oriented communication. As head of communications, she was responsible for the communication agendas of Motorola Austria. Since 2008, Daniela Wimmer has been working as an independent consultant for strategic communication, with focus on the conception of integrated communication strategies, for well-known Austrian companies and authorities.

  • David
    Obererlacher BA

    David Obererlacher BA, Head of Social Media

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 36
    +43 664 549 13 97
    david.obererlacher (at) minc.at
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    David Obererlacher, who was born in Salzburg, studied German philology at the University of Vienna. As head of the promotion team of T-Mobile he gained ample experience in the fields of sales and advertising. He gives lectures on the topics of online communication and social media at bfi (vocational training institute) in Vienna and at ARS (Academy for Law and Taxes).

  • Elisabeth

    Elisabeth Mayer, Director, Finance & HR

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 30
    +43 664 246 98 78
    elisabeth.mayer (at) minc.at
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    During her law studies, Elisabeth Mayer worked for the publishing company Salzburger Woche (Salzburger Nachrichten group). After that, she became management assistant at the Viennese advertising agency Haslinger und Keck.

  • Florian
    Strauß MA

    Florian Strauß MA, Consultant

    +43 1 890 04 29 – 31
    +43 664 889 758 18
    florian.strauß (at) minc.at
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    Florian Strauß studied Political Science at the University of Salzburg. His main focus has been (Rightwing-) Populism, political economy and campaigning. Following his graduation he, who was born in Vorarlberg, managed the Austrian branch of Cadenhead´s Whisky Market for one and a half years. During this time he could collect fruitful commercial and economical experience.

  • Mag. Hans-Georg

    Mag. Hans-Georg Mayer, Managing Director

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 33
    +43 664 188 17 22
    hans-georg.mayer (at) minc.at
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    Hans-Georg Mayer, who was born in Salzburg, studied communication science with a focus on PR and business administration (marketing) in Salzburg and Linz. Before becoming Head of Product PR of the Austrian technology company Kapsch AG, he was responsible for the overall communication of Kapsch CarrierCom, a subsidiary of Kapsch AG. He was also part of the communication department of the Austrian insurance company UNIQA and its predecessor companies, for example as a press spokesman of the UNIQA subsidiary Raiffeisen-Versicherung.

  • Johannes

    Johannes Enzinger,

    +43 1 8900429 - 0
    johannes.enzinger (at) minc.at

    Johannes Enzinger gained experience in all fields of journalism for fourty years. He was a sports editor for Kronen Zeitung, radio (Radio NÖ, Ö3) and ORF-TV. Furthermore he created several economic journals and became their chief editor. He also built up reputation as an event manager and spokesperson for sports associations and major events.

  • Mag. Julia

    Mag. Julia Kent, Director, Senior Consultant

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 0
    +43 664 246 90 55
    julia.kent (at) minc.at
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    Julia Kent worked as a press officer at the Austrian Bar Association and at the PR agency Ecker & Partner. While studying PR and communication studies at the University of Vienna, she gained her first experience in PR work at the Viennese agency Fischill-PR.

  • Laura

    Laura Neuhofer, Junior Consultant

    +43 1 890 04 29 – 41
    +43 664 889 758 41
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    Laura Katharina Neuhofer, who was born in Salzburg studies communication science at the University of Vienna. For the last five years she worked in international purchasing as well as in product management of an Austrian consumer good company.

  • Dipl. Ing. Martin

    Dipl. Ing. Martin Sellner, Senior Advisor

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 0
    +43 699 140 451 55
    martin.sellner (at) minc.at
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    Martin Sellner studied at the University of Leoben (Montanuniversitaet Leoben), focusing on petroleum engineering. After having completed his studies, he went into publishing and worked for Kommunal, Academia, youngBIZ, youngSTYLE, Libro Journal, Schülerkalender, Chemiereport and konstruktiv as well as for the regional radio stations Antenne Steiermark and Antenne Wien. He currently works for the Austrian magazine DATUM and the publishing company a3 and represents the DVV Media Group GmbH in Austria, Italy and Slovenia. He also owns the publisher's representation agency Mediasell, which was founded in 1992. He supports our team as a Senior Advisor in all technical fields.

  • Mag. Michael

    Mag. Michael Lechner, Consultant

    +43 1 890 04 29 – 38
    +43 664 889 75 824
    michael.lechner (at) minc.at
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    Michael Lechner is a Viennese and true to the Milestones motto after 12 years of professional experience as an online journalist perfect cut from not very young and not yet very old hares. As a studied historian and PR consultant he is now working as a cross-contestant in all Public Relation fields. His acquired leadership qualities as department manager at Newspaper "Heute" help him.

  • Michael L.

    Michael L. Lenz, Consultant

    +43 1 890 04 19 - 42
    +43 664 88975842
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    Michael Lenz, who was born in Carinthia lives in Vienna since 2011. He studies law at JKU Linz. In 2016 he founded as a CMO the e-scooter-sharing platform "GoUrban", anticipating today's trend.

  • Nadine
    Strobl BA

    Nadine Strobl BA, Social Media

    +43 1 890 04 29 – 42
    +43 664 889 758 22
    nadine.strobl (at) minc.at
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    Nadine Strobl currently participates in the Bachelor's course Communication Economy at the FH Vienna of the WKW. She gained first experience in the field of online marketing as a member of the communications team at Erste Bank and Sparkasse. The young Viennese promptly puts her new skills into action, publishes her own blog and enhances the Milestones-Team with her affinity for social media.

  • Philipp
    Reich BA

    Philipp Reich BA, Consultant

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 31
    +43 664 883 185 71
    philipp.reich (at) minc.at
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    Philipp Reich studied law and political science at the University of Vienna. In many years of political commitment in Lower Austria and Vienna, he gained ample experience in campaigning and PR work.

  • Mag. Philipp

    Mag. Philipp Schneider, Consultant

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 39
    +43 664 883 185 62
    philipp.schneider (at) minc.at
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    Philipp Schneider studied sports and communication sciences in Vienna. He was the editor of the online platform www.sportnet.at. Before that, he worked as a journalist for the sports and local sections of the Lower Austrian weekly Niederösterreichische Nachrichten (NÖN). To further expand his horizons, he studies philosophy.

  • Rabiye

    Rabiye Pala, Accounting & Administration

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 34
    +43 664 885 153 36
    rabiye.pala (at) minc.at
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    Rabiye Pala is a trained medical administrative assistant. Before joining Milestones, she worked in administrative management in the health-care sector, serving as an important link between doctors and their patients.

  • Stefan
    Schett BA

    Stefan Schett BA, Social Media

    +43 1 890 04 29 – 13
    +43 664 88975821
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    Born in Salzburg, Stefan Schett studied politics and journalism / communication science in Vienna. He was a freelance journalist for seven years (including austrian newspaper Kurier, tv channel Puls 4) and is co-founder of the fact-checking blog "Fakt ist Fakt". Prior to switching from journalism to PR, he built up the social media presence for the media organization „Addendum“ and took care of community management and video design.

  • Veronika
    Beck MA

    Veronika Beck MA, Junior Consultant

    +43 (0) 8900429 - 32
    +43 (0) 66488975829
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    Veronika Beck studied political science at University of Vienna. She discovered her passion for strategic communication and editorial work at a very early stage in her career. She collected know how and experiences in public relations as well as in project development and conceptual design.

  • Werner

    Werner Beninger, Owner Manager

    +43 1 890 04 29 - 0
    werner.beninger (at) minc.at
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    Werner Beninger has 30 years of experience in journalism. He was head of a section of the Austrian daily newspaper "Salzburger Nachrichten", managing editor at the Austrian weekly "NEWS" and chief reporter at the Austrian dailies "Die Presse" and "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten". For 20 years, he has also worked as a media and communications trainer in journalism training.

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